Eat Sh*t & Die(t) – book review

To judge this book by its cover, is to basically have every prayer answered. Eat Sh*t & Die(t) is a straight talking and no-nonsense guide to dieting and literally having your cake and eat it.

Devised by the devious Max Cunningham, this book is not your conventional, hand-holding health and fitness guide, filled with glossy photographs of glowing men and women thrilled to be eating wheat grass and downing shots of kale juice. Eat Sh*t is quite a foul-mouthed kick up the proverbial, offering straightforward, scientifically proven eating practices that will open the door to easy, permanent weight loss -and the chance of lifelong health and wellbeing- without having to abstain from any of the seriously good stuff.

Eat+Shit+and+Diet+-+intermittent+fasting+weight+loss+bookEat Sh*t & Die(t) begins by explaining why traditional dieting seemingly doesn’t work, revealing why it is unsustainable, and instead highlighting the proven effectiveness of ‘intermittent fasting’.

Author and personal trainer Max Cunningham goes on to dissect the science and history behind sh*t, in order to prove that he’s not full of the aforementioned, before setting out his three highly effective fasting plans. The recommended plan, and his personal favourite is, The F*CK-SH*T-UP plan which he continues to follow already boasting an impressive loss of 35lbs in his first three months and reducing his body fat from 26.5% down to just 11%.

The idea is that you set yourself a daily ‘8-hour eating window’ before fasting for 16-hours. But Cunningham is keen to stress that if you’re going to make permanent lifestyle changes they have to fit in with your own daily routines, which is why his plans offer that all-important flexibility.

This book is a fun read, and actually an interesting concept. I’ve personally always believed in nutrition, which is different to diet. For me, moderation is key and combined with movement, leads to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been against “JUST DON’T EAT” but it’s weirdly refreshing to have a bored and apparent disgruntled author explain, in a very Malcolm Tucker way, that “this effin’ worked for me, so it will effin’ work for you too!”

Eat Sh*t & Die(t) by Max Cunningham (published 2nd June 2016 by Max Cunningham, RRP £7.99 ebook £3.99) is available to buy online from . For more information please visit


This article was originally printed in Gay Times magazine.

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