Avengers: Endgame – Review

Avengers: Endgame – Review

I’ve tried to make this is a spoiler free review, but BEWARE, there still may be things you may not wish to know about. So proceed at your own risk.



How do I feel after those three hours? Satisfied. Happy. Sad. More happy. A bit more sad. A sense of completion. Confusion. Elation.

Every moment over the last 11 years of Marvel movies has come to this, and the Russo Brothers take the intricate web of stories we’ve enjoyed and celebrate it all with this movie. It’s truly that, a celebration.

If Infinity War was The Empire Strikes Back, then Endgame is Return of the Jedi on crack, at a cosplay convention. It’s definitely not a jumping on point, but if you loved Infinity War, then you’ll love this – as every laugh, cry and gasp is multiplied by 100

The pace of Endgame was slower than its immediate predecessor, with fewer smashy battles, and allowed for more character moments. In that sense, Endgame is a bit like a classy ying to Infinity War’s shouty yang.

There’s definitely more screen time for those who didn’t really get a go in Infinity War. Paul Rudd brings bags of Ant-Man comedy to the stage, but he’s got stiff competition from Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans (yes!), who all have a strong stab at delivering gags.

Scarlet Johansson and Jeremy Renner are amazing as they are reunited again on screen in some truly heartwarming, emotional scenes. It’s like seeing old friends again. And, as with Infinity War, there are some interesting new combos of characters being forced together, plus of course, Captain Marvel makes her long-awaited entry into the fray. In fact, I was nervous her inclusion would dominate proceedings, but the Russos used this uber-powerful character delicately and it works.

And while some characters see their future journeys/contracts extended, others come to satisfying conclusions.

Applause too for the real heroes – the SFX team, who appear as a vast wall of names during the credit sequence – who did an incredible job in ageing, youth-ing and mo-capping actors, on a scale that I haven’t seen in a movie before.

The moment where I squee’d the most? Seeing all the Marvel female talent coming together. Oh, and a call back from Age of Ultron. It was truly…worthy.

I just feel sorry for Wong. He never got his tuna melt.