Valentines Gifts – Handmade with love (by someone else!)

Valentines Gifts – Handmade with love (by someone else!)

You can discover the items pictured at my storefront here!

As someone in a same sex relationship, I have to come clean and say that most “gifts for him” sections on websites are just dire. I can never ever find anything for my partner on suggested searches. Does he want oversized football slippers? No. Does he want bottom heavy whiskey glasses in the shape of a boob? No. Does he want one of those silver knocking ball things for his desk? Possibly, they are quite relaxing. But my point is, there is nothing that quite like a personal touch.

And there’s nothing like someone else doing that on your behalf.

Now, my engagement ring is from a bespoke artist and was designed by my boyfriend starting a relationship with the artist online. Cute, right? For those of us who…maybe…wait a bit toooo close to a certain important date, Amazon Handmade have your back. We ordered up these His & His gifts from a store called Man Gun Bear and received these handcrafted presents with our initials within a few days.

Pictured: My personalised leather journal, and (top) with my partner’s glasses case.

You can see the products, and more here at my own lil shop here where the opening hours are now until forever.

Happy gift hunting!

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