Thor’s Arm Blast!

Thor’s Arm Blast!

Deciding to cosplay as the God of Thunder was a brave choice as I most certainly do not have the body like Chris Hemsworth. In particular, those arms in Thor: Raganarok were so pumped they looked like they were about to explode!


My buddy Francesc had made the most amazing Thor costume that I borrowed for an upcoming photoshoot but I needed the body to match. Realistically, the only body parts that are on display Thor’s arms so that’s what I wanted to beef up for the shoot. 

I threw together this upper body workout that gave my biceps and triceps an added pump but also works that v-shape aesthetic.

Round 1 (As a pair 3 sets x 10/12 reps)

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Standing Barbell Military Press

Round 2 (As a pair 3 sets x 10/12 reps)

Dumbbell Incline Row

Laterial Raises

Round 3 (As a pair 3 sets x 12/15 reps)

Face Pulls

Tricep Pushdown

Round 4 (As a pair 3 sets x 10/12 reps)

Hammer Curls

Tricep Dips

And the ultimate bicep blaster known as the 7-7-7 (or 21’s). It will give you the most incredible arm pump at the end of your workout. Want lots of muscles? Well, do this and be THOR.

7-7-7 How to Perform

It’s a EZ Barbell Curl with a difference.

1st 7 reps (LOWER):

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Hold the barbell with your arms dow then slowly raise your arms untill they become parallel with the floor.
  2. Then lower down.
  3. Repeat for 7 repetitions. Ouch.

2nd 7 reps (UPPER):

  1. Hold the barbell with your arms held parallel to the floor, so the end position of the previous LOWER motion.
  2. Curl your arms towards your chest.
  3. Repeat for 7 repetitions. More ouch.

3rd 7 reps:

  1. Hold the barbell with your arms extended down.
  2. Curl your arms towards your chest completing the entire range of motion.
  3. Lower your arms till they are completely down.
  4. Repeat that for 7 repetitions. I’m sorry but ouch x 100.

I could barely hold a pen let a lone wield the might of Mjolnir, but I got the result for the picture I wanted as Thor. Because I am a grown up, and this is what I do. 

(Disclaimer – I’m not a personal trainer but I have been educated and experienced the above exercises. They work for me for that particular desired goal. For a detailed plan, or if you wish to incorporate the above to your weekly routine do consult your gym staff)