Happy 1st Birthday chrisjonesgeek.com!

Happy 1st Birthday chrisjonesgeek.com!

I wasn’t going to do a reflective piece on 2018 but my boyfriend (BF Chris), now fiancé Chris, told me because #content.

I know.

I’m very thankful that my good buddy Francesc Gasco let me kick off the blog with some exclusive and amazing pictures by the talented Lee Faircloth. This blog is exactly one year old as of New Year’s Day, so it’s happy birthday to chrisjonesgeek.com and a lot has happened in that year.

Horsing around with @pakozoic

I wrote my first piece for Attitude’s Body Issue which went on sale in January. It was quality journalism about butts. Anthony Bowen, LGBT superstar Wrestler, graced the cover and quite rightly. Have you seen that dude?

I was lucky to get another piece in with Attitude with the fittest man in the UK, Ryan Terry. That one workout with him was simply eye opening; I learnt so much. And was nearly sick.

On the subject of fitness heroes, I met up with some of the best and nicest at Bodypower 2018 in Birmingham. It was like walking into a party, where you sort of know people because Social Media. Thanks for everyone who made me feel so welcome.

With Rory Fulcher, @ProjectGoliath, @drmikethe2nd and my PT @benmudge_

Off the back of a piece I wrote for MTV about the the UK’s LGBT sports teams, I was asked by the London Otters to head down and try rowing with them. These are some very friendly and inspiring people who just want to connect over a mutual love and interest of a sport. Isn’t that what it should be all about?

The summer was filled of more LGBT funs with Pride season. I marched with GMFA and LGBT Heroes. So I stupidly decided to dress as Thor in 31ºC heat and almost passed out. But it was such a thrill to do and seeing so many heterosexual couples with small children watching and cheering on the parade was amazing. Educating about love and acceptance is becoming so so important. My outing as Gay Thor also inspired some freakin’ crazy awesome art!

If we’re talking heroes, and people know how much I love a Marvel film then 2018 was their year. Black Panther, Ant-Man & The Wasp and of course the awesome Avengers: Infinity War. 2018 also marked the first inaugural ChrisClub meet up. Unfortunately due to “diary clashes”, Chris’s Evans, Pratt and Hemsworth didn’t turn up so, with a bit of photoshop trickery from SnootyFoxImages, I filled in for Captain America, Star-Lord and Thor. I have told their agents how unprofessional they are so…

I started a new job in TV production this year and being staff meant I had the opportunity to travel as I had paid holiday. For me, as I spent 10 years freelancing in the comedy world, it was like winning the lottery. St Louis was epic and my trip to Rome with BF Chris was SUPER ROMANTIC OK?!

While talking about romance, I got engaged this year. On November 9th BF Chris asked me to marry him while having dinner at the V&A. And I said yes! It was definitely my highlight of 2018 and I can’t wait to start planning a wedding and life together.

Jeez, soppy or what. 

2018 had highs and lows for all of us. Here’s to a 2019 filled with love, acceptance and positivity! Enjoy.