Party Season Survival.

Party Season Survival.

With Christmas, comes a certain level of responsibility not to over indulge. And it is boring AF. I mean, no one wants to make a total idiot of themselves at the office Christmas party but hey, we’ve all done it. Like, I once woke up wearing a ladies cardigan not knowing whatever happened to my actual shirt. 

If you have been on a fitness programme, the hardest thing about the holidays is ‘being off the wagon’ so to speak. The gyms are closed and there’s a lot of tempting food and drink on offer! So below is a routine to not just keep the blood flowing and calories in check but it also can be a routine for your mental health. I did this last Christmas and it really helped me feel good about myself mentally, more than anything, and geared me up for the New Year.

With JUST a festive chair, you can complete a bodyweight workout or utilise a HIIT circuit. My Christmas survival workout, to purely stop insanity and think that my biceps are shrinking, is a circuit of:

40 x star jumps or jumping jacks

10 x press ups with my feet on a chair

20 x climbers

20 x bodyweight squats

10 x tricep dips using the chair

Complete the circuit three times with a tiny break in between and that is your session.You’ll definitely feel better about yourself, consuming and keep things ticking over into the New Year.