Tuesday 6th November 2018

Last night I had my 6th Anniversary with BF Chris.


We went to our favourite Italian restaurant in London (which I can never remember the name of but there’s a lot pig drawings so I just call it Porklin Chubbs). We both literally couldn’t be arsed. 6 years in, yeah we love each other, but it was a Monday night, and we’re both trying really hard with our gym routines at the moment. It didn’t really stop us from eating a lot of food (ok, so I always have the bolognese milanese which is freakin’ incredible)

(You have spaghetti, beef bolognese and a flattened breaded chicken breast)


(It’s the best)

But God we were both grumpy. Are we turning into one of those couples who justs sits in a restaurant opposite each other in utter silence? No, because we both were ranting about our day. We then went for Old Fashioned’s at the Covent Garden Hotel and because it was a Monday we essentially had it all to ourselves which made everything all better.

Note: I really want a hermit crab as a pet. Apparently it will use anything as it’s shell/home – I’d make it a little shell out of lego or see if it would like to live in a Mr. Potato head shoe.

Calories: A lot of pasta and wine and Old Fashioned’s…