Thursday 8th November 2018

RYAN TERRY. I trained with RYAN TERRY for Attitude Magazine. Imagine this post is filled with cut out pictures of Ryan Terry, sellotaped to it.

I got an email asking if I wanted to train with Ryan for an article so I did and now I ache all over. But holy crap, I was definitely smiling the whole time my body was falling apart around me as he directed my workout. It’s rare you met your insta crush gymspiration and he was everything I imagined…and a super nice guy. I don’t think my article made any sense as I couldn’t quite use my arms to lift my hands to the keyboard and type.

He told me I was a natural at some of the movements we did. And he was impressed by my pump. He told me that, with words out of his face. Maybe I can be just like him, a kick ass bodybuilder.


Calories consumed: Who cares, I met Ryan Terry and he told me I WAS LOOKING PUMPED.