Sunday 28th October 2018.


I’m increasingly annoyed as me and BF Chris can’t decide on a romantic bloody holiday for our stupid anniversary. GAH. We can’t decide on anything. We’ve both taken the time off from work but have zero plans and everything I’m suggesting is getting shot down so what-is-the-point. It’s literally in less than 2 weeks now.

Doing mid-week Yoga is starting to fall by the wayside. I could do with some calming vibes.

The two gays across the road invited us to their Halloween Party last night. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to be from the two standard homosexual themes: 1) Sexy unrelated to Halloween or 2) Sexy Gory. I wore a Spider-Man outfit that could be thought of as sexy as it’s tight AF, but more importantly it’s unrelated to Halloween. BF Chris suggested we turn it into a “end of Infinity War” as Spider-Man fades away but we didn’t have access to a lot of bark in time. BF Chris’s costume, which was MY idea, was the ghost of Meryl Streep’s character from Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again and he nailed it. Like, everyone loved it. I forgot how tight the Spider-Man costume is so I just felt fat all night. My body confidence was quite low and I was 100% sure you could see my whole penis and balls so spent my evening strategically standing in front of plants or lamps.

Calories consumed – mostly bad ones! Halloween…