Monday 13th August 2018

I have tonsillitis and it has put the halt on my new Online PT experience. It’s that type of tonsillitis that gives you a temperature, the shivers and crazy thoughts. I told my Online PT, whose app often sends automated messages to me to cheer me, that I was unwell and that I would have to delay my starting the programme to which I was told ‘if you have any problems with the routine, let me know and I can adapt it!’ Automated. Then I received ‘I’ll be in South America for 10 days!’

His out of office?

I walk passed Cancer Research on my way to my Doctor’s appointment, a bit delirious, and I see in the window that there is no sign whatsoever of the Red Power Ranger costume I’d kindly donated. Surely it deserves a window display? Why didn’t they have the idea to place it in the window opposite another mannequin dressed as a villain from items off the rail, like beaded cardigans and shawls, to depict an epic battle scene? I stand outside for a moment, debating if I should go in and suggest this to them, but in my tonsillitis viral haze a moment turns into an awkward amount of time – especially for the only man in the high street wearing a jumper in August while I glare through their window. 

I decide to go back later.