Tuesday 10th July 2018

Summer is HERE…and the sun was up and shining through the smallest gap in the curtains onto my face from an ungodly hour.

I’ve never been a cardio person. I blame my childhood asthma and at the age of 32, I still do. I admire people who can get on a treadmill for an hour and just run. Like, really go for it. I get too bored and day dream or I imagine I’m suddenly short of breathe and give up. Which I think is my childhood asthma coming back for me. My BF is a great runner. He ran the London Marathon and has completed a lot of Tough Mudder’s. The first time I met his parents 5 years ago was going to watch him complete a Tough Mudder, which meant we saw him run off in four seconds and then I was awkwardly left for two hours something with them, as they argued through a muddy field to try and catch a glimpse of their son.

To tackle my cardio problem I thought about simply watching TV while I exercised. I sometimes forget we live in an age where we have a mini streaming device in our pockets so I downloaded Netflix. I sat on a bike for 45 mins watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 3 Ep 1 The Search pt1), as everyone knows Star Trek gets good after season 3, as a rule.