Thursday 19th July 2018

I was wearing my prescription sunglasses on the way to work and suddenly had a fright that I had left my actual glasses at home. My mind raced. ‘What if I have to wear my sunglasses around the office? Would I draw attention to it? Would people think I had gone blind over night? Or worse, think I was doing an IMPRESSION of a blind person around the office’.

Found them, at the bottom of my bag. But I missed my stop


Cardio while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is going well. I even watched a Quark episode. This cardio stuff isn’t so bad. Maybe I could run to work? Holloway to Camden isn’t really that far. Must be around 3km if that. Maybe I could run the London Marathon! Perhaps once I start using a treadmill instead of the bike. My BF Chris says that my pace reminds him of someone just nipping to the shops to get a pint of milk.

Reminder: MyFtinessPal. Reset password.