Wednesday 20th June


Wake up! Yes it’s a new day, yes, loving life. Yes I’m gonna accomplish what ever I put my mind to.


It was leg day at the gym and I want to die, there is no heaven on Earth, everyone go home. FML.
However, I do like my routine at the moment. My whole body gets a blast so it takes the edge of working my legs (which refuse to grow or do anything, really).
Handsome blonde tash was at the gym this morning, giving everyone life. You know, you can really tell that someone is super nice by the fact they don’t mismatch their sports brands when dressing for the gym.

While making breakfast I said to my boyfriend (BF Chris) that bananas are actually super clever. “Like, they are natures thoughtful snack as it comes in its own helpful wrapper. How clever is that? So when someone says ‘that guy IS bananas’ they should be careful, because that guy is clever.”
He went for a shower.

At work our usual lunch time yoga fell short when we were instructor-less. We just had a lie down in the board room for 40 mins and spoke about the amount of weddings we have to go to this year.

Fav instagram dog still hasn’t posted. Will keep an eye out. Hope he ok.

Met James for dinner at The Diner and omggggg. Diablo burger, chili chips and beers. Yas. Yas. Yas.

I had too bananas today. How many is it until you get potassium poisoning? Must be like 7. Not clever.

  • Calories Consumed: Too many.
  • Reminder: Enter into MyFitnessPal