Spoiler Free Things I learnt from the Avengers: Infinity War London Fan Event.

Spoiler Free Things I learnt from the Avengers: Infinity War London Fan Event.

Directors the Russo Brothers have kept a small crowd of fans wanting MORE after assembling a selection of Avengers and showing 20 whole minutes of Avengers: Infinity War last night at the new and revamped Television Centre – and the reaction was electric.

The cast gathered was just a handful of the enormous ensemble: Paul Bettany (The Vision), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Sebastian Stan (Winter Solider), Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Letitia Wright (Shuri) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange). Along with the movie’s directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, the cast attempted to answer some questions that did not give away the plot, and some played a few games with the audience (Benedict Cumberbatch almost single handedly broke up a newly engaged couple as he hosted Marvel Mastermind, where future husband and wife went head to head).

Here are some other spoiler free things I learnt from the Avengers Infinity War fan event in London:

  • Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t wear shoes, yet compliments other people’s footwear. Also, she looked like she was having the best time ever.
  • Paul Bettany made references to enjoying the franchise’s big bags of cash (four times) and that he is also there for his fellow cast and crew.
  • Tom Holland is kept in the dark about EVERYTHING to do with Avengers and Spider-Man after his leak of the Infinity War poster last November. In fact everyone seems a bit in the dark about what happens in this movie, and I do wonder if anyone has read the WHOLE script. It would keep any leaks to a minimum.
  • My girl crush on Letitia Wright is almost at maximum capacity. She came across so humble and genuinely thrilled to be a apart of the MCU. She told the audience that after Black Panther, she received an ominous summons: ‘Marvel want to speak to you’. Worried she’d done a bad (at this point on stage, she slowly turned to Tom Holland and said “like leaking”), she was relieved to discover that execs wanted her back as the science-loving Shuri.
  • There were NO Chrises present at the London event (though Chris Pratt did make it to a fan event in Brazil and Mexico) so my inaugural #ChrisClub meet up was a total failure.
  • Sebastian Stan should do a Thor and ditch the Bucky hair cut for his own shorter do. Just saying.
  • Tom Holland’s new Iron Spider suit is CGI’d! He was immensely jealous of all these amazing costumes on other actors but he was wearing a mo-cap suit. Which is essentially like pyjamas with ping pong balls stuck all over it.
  • The Russos commented that they were in talks with the creative teams on Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok constantly as they were still in Production as Infinity War was shooting.

The Russo Brothers have stated previously that there would be limited to almost no advanced screenings of Infinity War in order to keep spoilers down to a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child level. Which is NO spoilers please.

However, we were lucky enough to see 20 minutes of footage from the film that had been carefully chosen by the Russo’s. Let’s face it, this is why you’re reading this article.


In this twenty-minute slice, we experienced a taste of some of the big crossovers we can expect. It wasn’t the very beginning of the film, but we were told it was from early on, and basically – shit goes down. The crossovers are worthy of some of the best graphic novel panels. Serious.

There’s an amazing high-octane action scene, the kind of which has become a hallmark of the MCU, new relationships are forged and there’s lots of humour (ala Ragnarok and GotG)

It was interesting and immensely satisfying to see the clash of tones and style with characters who haven’t shared the big screen yet being mashed together in creative ways. I may have even squeaked “Now kissssssss” quite loudly at one bit.

Excitement level 100 REACHED.