Queer Eye: A love letter. “Can you believe?!”

Queer Eye: A love letter. “Can you believe?!”

Season 2 of Netflix’s Queer Eye has been announced and I am FREAKING out!

Keeping up with the latest TV can be a job in itself these days, making sure one gets one’s full diet of Jessica JonesLast Week Tonight, Stranger Things, The Young Offenders, Westworld, The Good Place… it’s tiring! I’m kinda hoping I break my leg (just a little bit) so I can clear the backlog (and give me a chance to re-visit old favourites like STAR TREK).

I guess what I’m saying is that with streaming, it’s hard to find that next hit show to watch. I know that I have spent forever and ever spinning on the carousel until seeing the thumbnails traveling from right to left is actually my evening’s viewing. But what I like is when there’s that whisper about a show from a colleague or a friend whose taste you trust – “Have you seen..?” It’s the best feeling. Like a secret you’ve been privy too.

So when my boyfriend came home and said “We should watch the new Queer Eye series on Netflix, it’s apparently very life affirming, henny!” I was like, “How can a show where five gay guys do makeovers be life affirming. It sounds SUPER image based blah blah blah” Also, what the hell was this henny stuff?

I lost my case and we stuck it on. And, oh my god. It has changed me. Henny.

I loved it. I love Tan’s salt and pepper daddy hair and way he says “mate” in a Doncaster accent. I love Antoni’s boyish smile and all the he dips he “cooks”. I love Bobby because he does SO much work. I love Karamo’s beauty inside and out (and his collection of bomber jackets). And I love Jonathan. Full stop.

If you haven’t yet completed the first season, there maybe spoilers ahead – the spoilers being that if you don’t cry at every single episode, or every time Jonathan Van Ness’s lovely little eyes well-up then you’re stone. Actual stone. Not like an Easter Island head type stone, but like one of the fallen over stones at Stonehenge. STONE.

Now these guys don’t just make someone over. It’s way more important than that. What they really do is give them confidence. There is no judgement. The Fab Five are there to help, and you can’t help revel in these moments – whether it’s helping a gay guy come out or helping an older straight man find love. There are truly profound moments where they discuss big issues like religion, race and sexuality. It’s beautiful. The stereotype of Mean Girl gays doesn’t have a place here.

It’s also freaking hilarious.

And it got me and my boyfriend talking. It made us realise how much we ‘hide’ our sexuality in everyday life, down to behaviour in the workplace or to what we wear. I always thought I was a proud gay man, but in fact, this simple yet loving show, has made me want to be even more proud. So, we’ve decided to hold our hands in public more, be ‘camp’ whenever we goddamn like, and I went shopping and bought a jacket covered in animal patterns, something I originally thought wasn’t me at all. But it was who I want to be. So fuck it, I bought it.

It made me feel happy, confident and bursting with excitement.

Exactly like Queer Eye. Bring on Season 2!