Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter

Finding fitness motivation can be hard. When I say motivation, I mean real “aimed and focused at YOU” motivation, not ‘gymspiration’ nor preachy slogans from health and fitness products (or beautiful Instagrammers that we hate to love and love to hate). But real motivation and drive that gets us up out of bed in the morning and in the correct mind set for exercise.

I wanted to see if I can get pure motivation from myself, not from ‘looking like’ or wanting to appear like anyone else. I wanted to see if I could generate this positivity and will power to exercise harder and for longer from my own brain. I know the only thing stopping me achieving my goals, is me. But what’s stopping me? My subconscious is feeding me something lazy as it’s not like I don’t want to reach my fitness goals. I pondered and thought about my subconscious and I researched into motivation techniques and I looked up hypnosis in sport.

This, it seems, is surprisingly common. Everyone is getting his or her brains re-wired. I just thought hypnosis was used to make a grown man bark like a dog or quit smoking but to be used within sports?! I found that incredible. Boxers, MMA champions, even the Welsh rugby team have employed sports hypnotherapists to delve into their minds and help them over come performance anxieties or anything holding them back from being the best that they can be. It’s almost like mental doping, but totally above board and allowed. It’s just switching your current mindset, into a bright new shiny one. I imagined?

I wanted to try this. So I did.


I got in contact with Rory Z Fulcher. He is a hypnotherapist and also a stage hypnotist. I told him my plan and he told me that he could bring out the best in me using hypnosis, and as an example of his ‘powers’ he could get to me to lift over a personal best within 20 minutes of meeting.

Well, that was an offer I couldn’t refuse. At that point I already believed in what he could do. MAYBE THAT’S WHAT HE WANTED. Rory explained to me that hypnosis is not magic. I would have to want this work. It is all suggestion based, and I can’t hypnotise me to go kill anyone or walk in front of a bus as that is just something I wouldn’t normally want to do. The fact that I contacted him, and that he IS a hypnotist, he said I was already on the first steps of being ‘susceptible’ to being hypnotised by him.

So of course when we went to the gym to try this out. All the equipment was busy. It just shows the popularity of Covent Garden’s Jubilee Hall Gym. It’s also the place where the body beautiful seemed to have its mould broken. Every man in there had trap muscles that essentially waved at me. We went to the café at the back of the gym and discussed the session. He did a “rapid induction” on me which from any onlookers it looked like he KO’d me. Once I was deep in hypnosis, or trance, he began to plant a suggestion – and I remember vaguely what it was. He began by getting me to use my mind’s eye to imagine the ideal me in a mirror. What I wanted to look like and what my health goals are. I of course imagined an adonis waving back at me in the mirror. He told me I would become that. Stronger, better and tougher.

He also asked me to imagine a control room in my mind, where I can see buttons and dials that control my body. He asked me adjust the ‘testosterone’ within my mind’s control room. I remember thinking “ok, really??” but as I did I felt a surge of excitement and energy flow through me. I was breathing fast and ready to exercise. One last suggestion he planted was when I sit down and feel the weights, I will focus strongly on what I am to accomplish. I will not injure myself but I will be robotic in my actions until that set is complete. And I will feel a ball of energy that travels to the muscles working, and feel strong. I would enter this state again when I am sat down with the weights.

Rory - hypno workout

Rory woke me up and I thought before I would feel embarrassed to be put to sleep in a gym but I surprised myself how much I didn’t care. We walked over to the chest press machine, as all the benches were bleedin’ taken. I was talking to him about my past routines as I sat in the machine. The most amazing feeling came over me. I took a deep breath, Rory set the number of weights and I just start lifting like it was nothing. I almost don’t remember it but I was strong and powerful. It was the most incredible feeling ever. I stopped the set and looks how much I was lifting. I had lifted, with almost ease about 20kg heavier than my personal best. And for longer. I was gob smacked. We increased the weight and I went for it again. The same feeling took over as my hands wrapped around the weights. I felt like Superman! We did it a third time and I did struggle with the weight but I had never felt so focused before.

I got my “well done” from Rory, who was impressed at how well it worked. He said I can access this ‘feeling’ from now on. Rory told me, and cheesy as it sounds, that I did all it. I focused myself and that he simply guided me to find it. It was always there.

So there you go. That motivation is in us all. You can really reach out and get what you want – the only thing that really holds us back, is ourselves.



You can find more information about Rory and his work on his website is www.HypnoTC.com

This article was originally printed in Gay Times magazine.

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